Why Preserve the Republic?

America was born out of oppression.

Colonists reached a tipping point where rule under British crown was too tyrannical to bear any longer. They declared independence, revolted, and fought for the freedom of “We the people.” 

Making a bold and unique declaration that “All men are created equal” and have the God-given, inalienable rights of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,” they established a government to protect those natural rights and prevent tyrannical powers from emerging again. 

Less than a century after the birth of the nation, abolitionists separated from the establishment to form a party that fought for the protection of those rights again: that those same natural rights would stand regardless of race. They stood in defense of their fellow man and of the statement that “all men are created equal.”

Every day we choose to stand by freedom or walk away from it.

2016 is another hallmark in history where Americans have the hard-fought freedom to decide the direction and identity of the nation’s future. It is more pressing than ever to not only stand up for freedom, but to understand it.

Freedom cannot have a modifier. Doing so perverts and devalues the power and meaning of the word itself. Freedom cannot be constrained or bound by ifs and buts. The term does not recognize color, class, or circumstance. 

Politics aside, freedom matters, because individuals matter. And in order to have a free and cohesive society, principles and continuity matter. In order to be just, freedom has to coalesce around the soul of the person. It cannot be justified through physical attributes or circumstances. 

This is the foundation of Preserve the Republic: All men are created equal and have the inalienable right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Nothing formed by man is perfect, but liberty and justice for all is worth fighting for. 

The Founding Fathers created a constitutional republic. Not a monarchy. Not a democracy. It was based on these principles. 

This is why Preserve the Republic exists. To preserve liberty. 

The blog serves to ask the deep questions in a relevant way. Get to the roots of the issues. Push against the inconsistencies we often overlook. Fight against ideological complacency and ignorance.

Engage. Ask hard questions. Challenge. Debate.


That’s why we #PreserveTheRepublic

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  1. It’s time to wake up and start using common sense and logic.   It’s time to remember what so many have given so much to preserve our republic.   Do not allow it to disappear.

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